Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

This guide will show you the best places to do snorkeling in Sri Lanka location by location.

Sri Lanka is popular for its vast coastal region, serene beaches, vibrant wildlife, beautiful sunsets and succulent food and expressive local faces. The country’s sandy and sabulous beaches make for ideal locations for all who enjoy spending time around an evening of bonfires and seafood or just to experience a private stroll whilst witnessing the twilight.




snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Snorkeling in Sri Lanka is becoming one of those activities that gets you engaged with the natural entities of the underwater world and you can get to witness the beauty of something so surreal underneath all that mass. So, underwater experiences such as snorkeling enveloped by crispy blue waters and an abundance of marine life awaits at a number of interesting and worthy locations in coastal parts of the country.



Some of the most popular destinations for water related activities give you the privilege to be professionally taken care of by well-experienced and knowledgeable water sport instructors who will assist you from the moment you decide to hit the water. So, it’s all about just deciding where to visit for a snorkeling session and just go back home feeling enthralled and content!


Located as a south coastal region, Koggala is one of those places that attract less crowds when it comes to their beaches. The coastal town of Koggalashould be an area that would get hordes of tourists with the right strategy but for a while this destination has seen comparatively lesser tourist activity. For that reason, you might be lucky enough to find a nice secluded spot for a bout of ‘beach holiday’. As for the divine waters, Koggala offers an ideal location for snorkeling.


Definitely a swiftly booming tourist attraction and one of the main travel destinations in Sri Lanka that is worth a visit, snorkeling in Sri Lanka would be incomplete if the coastal resort town of Nilaveli would not make its name into the equation. Located in the district of Trincomalee, Nilaveli’s beaches encompass a stretch of unspoilt white sands, perfect for adventurous tourists with a penchant for photographic moments.The best periods to enjoy snorkeling in Sri Lanka if you visit Nilaveli is to do so between the months of April and September, when the waters tend to be more calmer than usual.

Pigeon Island – The Most Famous Place to do Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

If you opt for some serious snorkeling in Sri Lanka, then you should go for Pigeon Island. Pigeon Island also happens to accommodate one of the main marine national parks in the country currently. To travel to Pigeon Island, it takes a boat ride of approximately 15 minutes. A section of the island is also ornated by clusters of coral reef and bordered by crystal clear waters. The closest coastal town to Pigeon Island is Nilaveli.


Located in the district of Batticaloa, the coastal resort town of Pasikudah is being hailed to accommodate one of the longest stretches of flawless waters along with areas of deserted beaches. Pasikudah can be enjoyed by anyone who looks to enjoy longs walks into the sea rather than walks on the beach but also get to witness and feel the warm waters. There can be instances where tourists who aim to include other activities such as sailing into their travel itinerary, tend to snorkel straight off a yacht! There are services available in Pasikudah that do this kind of stuff. This little jolly swim would get you to swim away from the vessel and attest to some awe-inspiring coral beds. Sadly, coral reefs in Sri Lanka have encountered unfortunate situations such as destructive modes of fishing that has affected the vulnerable coral beds. But, social responsibility projects are being undertaken by hotel and resort entities to help preserve this underwater ecosystem.


Hikkaduwa is basically the country’s cultural beach hub! And undoubtedly, Hikkaduwa is also one of the best places to experience snorkeling in Sri Lanka.Situated 98kms south of the capital Colombo, prospective snorkelers can travel via the expressway and embark on an aquatic trip by diving, experience the southern coastal town’s daily occurring’s, taste the seafood and sip cocktails or just bask in the warmth of a bonfire. Travelling to snorkel in Hikkaduwa is certainly an activity that should be embraced and relished.

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